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Chad and Karly, bloggers behind


We’re Chad and Karly – high school sweethearts with a love for food (and each other, still, even after over 20 years). Over the years we added a lot of love and a few pounds, but we didn’t want to give up all the delicious foods we love by going on a restrictive diet.

That’s where eating low carb comes in. Karly started experimenting with the low carb and keto lifestyle and the pounds starting dropping without anyone feeling like they were missing out. Sure, there's bacon, cheese, and butter...but have you seen all the veggies too? This lifestyle was made for us!

Do you feel the same? Then you’re going to love our growing collection of tasty, low carb recipes that are super easy to prepare!

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Can I swap out this ingredient for that ingredient?

In cooking, swaps are fun to make and they often work out just fine. Get creative!

When it comes to baking, things get a little trickier. Low carb flours do not swap 1:1 for wheat flour and they also won’t generally swap well for each other without a few tweaks.

How can I make this recipe lighter, lower carb, gluten free, or lower sodium?

I’m sure there is a way, but unfortunately I’ve only tested the recipes as written. You’ll have to play with the recipe using the products you have on hand to see what works best for you. Be sure to check the comment section too…there’s a whole slew of information from other readers in there!

Can I email you with my cooking questions?

I love hearing from readers and you’re more than welcome to email! Please note, though, that I only respond to emails twice per day otherwise I tend to get lost in my inbox and no other work gets done. I understand cooking emergencies happen and I hope you have a good friend or family member you can call on at those times when I can’t respond immediately.

Can I freeze these recipes?

That’s a great question and the answer is ‘probably!’ I admittedly don’t have a lot of experience with freezing foods since I’m always testing new recipes and freezer space is limited. Chances are that my casserole recipe will freeze like any other casserole recipe. Same goes for the soup, cookies, brownies, etc.

What’s the carb count on all of these recipes?

The nutrition information of each recipe is calculated for you, but please note that it’s an automatic calculation and not done by hand or guaranteed to be accurate. Your nutritional information will vary based on the exact products you use.

You’ll find the nutrition info at the bottom of every recipe card. If all you care about is net carbs, you’ll see that at the top of each post as well.

Does your family really eat low carb too?

Yes and no! They eat what I cook at meals, which is low carb. But their diet is not restrictive and the kids often eat sugary treats or snacks. We’re all about keeping the balance with them. And we love low carb because it means their meals are full of veggies and they can treat themselves during snack time.

Can I swap almond flour for coconut flour?

Can you? Maybe. Sometimes. With a few changes, such as increasing the liquid in the recipe and decreasing the amount of flour used.

The two flours really are not interchangeable and, while both may work in a recipe, they won't work without some major changes.

The real question you're probably asking: Can I help you swap these two flours for each other? Unfortunately not. I'm not comfortable making swaps like that without thorough testing and I just don't have time to test each recipe with multiple flours.

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